Thompson Middle School | Homecoming 2015

Sometimes I forget that my little brother isn't so little anymore. For instance, when I talk to him on the phone or text him or see pictures of him on social media, I go "awe, look at my cute little brother," but then when I see him in person, I'm like "Oh yeah, that's right. You are a good inch and a half taller than me. How could I forget?" Haha.....ha. 
It doesn't seem to me that he should be that big, but he is, and I'm glad that I could come home and take pictures of his seventh grade homecoming (especially since Momma Cher and Jesse were in Orlando). It is true when they say that when you go off to college, you become closer to your siblings, and the good thing about Trey being not so little anymore is that we can now actually be pretty close friends. And that's awesome. 
Anyways taking pictures of Trey, his cute date, and some of his other friends was an afternoon well spent, and the pictures are just precious.