The Tracey Family

I had the joy to end my little break from photography by taking pictures of this sweet family. I took pictures of the Tracey family last summer, but the kids have grown up so much since then that updated pictures were a must! I spent my spring semester doing a lot of senior shoots - and don't get me wrong, I do love my seniors - but it was a nice change to take some family pictures. (Especially seeing that I just got to play in the water the whole time with some sweet kiddos!) There are only a few things that are as fun as getting to be able to capture kids in a lifestyle way; just letting them play and be themselves and capturing those moments is a blast. 

The morning was hot and sticky, but we made use of the water to cool us off (and also make pictures a little more fun!) The morning light was perfect and I can't wait to share these pictures!

Of course, I couldn't end this post without putting in some funny ones (hence the above two pictures)! I mean, what are family pictures without the bloopers? :)