Trey + Tori | Fairhope Proposal

I met Trey (Richard...he goes by either name, haha!) in a freshman, allied health seminar class. Since we are both pursuing physical therapy, we ended up having a lot of the same classes throughout undergraduate, and then we ended up working at the bookstore together when I started working there last February. So I guess you could say we are friends or something.

I had known for awhile that Richard was getting ready to propose. It started when he showed me the ring at work the first day he picked it up from the jewelers. It is seriously so gorgeous, and I freaked out a little because Richard had done so well picking it out, and even though I had never met Tori, I knew she would absolutely LOVE the ring! 

Then the planning came...Richard knew that he wanted it to be early during the summer break, and he knew that he wanted me to be there to take the pictures. The planning was kind of tricky since I was in Savannah, but luckily, I was coming down to Destin for a bachelorette weekend, so I just made a quick pit stop in Mobile the Thursday before. 

THE PROPOSAL: Richard and I drove out to Fairhope a couple of days before the proposal to make sure that everything was in place. We brainstormed how Richard would get Tori to the "spot," so on and so forth. On the actual day of the proposal, I got their pretty early because my fear was that I was going to get there late...but Richard and Tori ended up being late due to traffic. I started to get scared that they wouldn't make it in time to get good daylight or that it would start to rain, as it had been cloudy all day. BUT they got there JUST in time for that golden light! The proposal was picture perfect (haha...punny), and it literally took everything in me not to jump and down cheering in excitement for the newly engaged couple! I was so honored that I was able to be there to help Richard and Tori document this special moment in their lives!