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Caroline | 2017 University of Alabama Graduate

Oh the words I could write about this gal...Actually, writing is where we first kind of "grew" our friendship! With both of being on the newspaper staff in high school together, we really got to know each other better, and Caroline sort of became like a big sister to me. It's crazy because five years ago, we went with the newspaper staff to this thing called "The Long Weekend" at the University of Alabama which was sort of like a camp for students in journalism, and that is the exact same building that Caroline spent her last few years of college in! Now this girl has a full time job with online reporting in Florida!!! #soproud (She's also one of the select few people that I would go to The University of Alabama for... (War Eagle...Go Jags...Just not, well you know...) I feel like this really shows my love for this girl (and all of her family!)) 

Anyways, please enjoy these pictures of Caroline and some of her friends in a behind the scene tour of Bryant Denny (Caroline got us in since she was a tour guide!). Although I am not an Alabama football fan, I must say that going in the stadium and around campus was pretty fun! 

Rachel | South Alabama Senior 2016

Y'all...Rachel was literally SUCH a joy to work with. I had never met her before (Truth be known...I looked her up on Facebook before the photo shoot just so I knew who to be looking for at the bell tower...). Anyways, she had such a contagious personality, and she totally seems like the person who could light up any room. 

I was nervous about the photoshoot because a) it was so dreary looking outside, and b) it was starting to get dark so early because of the time change. As cheesy as it sounds though, Rachel's smile and attitude MORE than made up for the dreary looking weather. And how could weather ruin anyone's pictures who is wearing a red dress with the perfect shade of red lipstick? That's correct, no weather can ruin that type of person's pictures. 

It's funny how God blesses us with strangers at the most random times. The reason I am so honored and grateful that Rachel asked me to take her pictures is that she was so encouraging towards me and my photography. All throughout the shoot she was telling me how much she liked my photography and how talented she thought I was. The day after the photoshoot, she brought me not only the money for the shoot, but she included the sweetest card telling me how professional I had been and how I made her feel beautiful in front of the camera. 

Rachel, it was such a pleasure to meet with you and take your senior pictures! Congratulations on graduating in December! You are going to go so far in life.