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Maye + Xavier

Maye and Xavier both went to high school with me (they were a year ahead), and I thought it was really cool that pretty much three years later I got to take their engagement pictures after all ending up at South Alabama. The two of them first started dating in the ninth grade, but didn't stay together for all of high school. They started dating again when they both went to Jeff State Community College, which made the proposal spot all the more significant. 

Xavier proposed to Maye July 23 on the walking trail at the Veterans Park in Hoover, which is where they would walk together after class at Jeff State and eventually what would lead them to get back together. For the proposal, Xavier and Maye started out for their walk on the trails on July 23 like normal, but this time, waiting around the corner, were some friends holding posters covered in pictures of Maye and Xavier together. Xavier then got down on one knee and asked Maye to be forever his!

 For the pictures, it had been sunny all week, and then of course, on Saturday, the day of the pictures, it all of a sudden decided to look like a huge storm was blowing up. Luckily, it ended up not raining at all, and the clouds helped it not be as hot. (Seriously, I feel like I put something like that in every single blog, but I guess that is coastal Alabama for you!) Anyways, I'm so excited to share the pictures of these two!