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Elisabeth + Brandon | Mobile Sunset Engagement

So I had my first major mess up as a photographer...a scheduling mistake. One of my biggest weaknesses/flaws/whatever you want to call it that I don't understand AT ALL what it means when you say this week, next week, etc. It's just a concept that I don't matter how hard I try. It was totally my fault that I didn't clarify the date of the session, but poor Elisabeth and Brandon texted me asking me to let them know when I was on my way to the photo shoot location, and when I received the message I was still at my job at the bookstore. Jesus was looking out for me that day because I normally don't have my phone on me, but since I was in the back room working, I had my phone on me to listen to some music while I was working. 

Luckily, Elisabeth was super understanding about the situation, and I just want to give a shout out to the best bosses at the bookstore ever for understanding my mistake and letting me leave early so that I could rush to my photo shoot! 

Anyways, despite the almost missed photo shoot on my part, we were still able to capture the most gorgeous golden light at the magical avenue of oaks on Spring Hill College. Elisabeth and Brandon also brought along their super adorable puppy to the session which definitely made my day! Here are a few pictures from this sweet session, and I can't wait for Elisabeth and Brandon's wedding in December!

Baby Catherine | Lifestyle Newborn Session

It's time for some real talk...I was actually really nervous when Melissa contacted me about being her newborn photographer...and I was even more nervous when I actually agreed to doing it!

I've had experience with young children, but I have never done a true newborn session before. Melissa contacted me awhile back, knowing I didn't have experience in this area, but still wanted to be my guinea pig if I was up for it. I thought about telling her no, and referring her to a photographer more experienced in this area, but, since she was willing to give me a chance, I was like, "Well, why don't I give this a shot?"

Guys, honestly, this is one of my most favorite shoots that I have done to date. I didn't know if I would enjoy it or not, but I am so grateful for Melissa giving me a chance to try this new area of photography and opening my eyes to something I never expected I would enjoy so much. 

Some things I learned from this experience: 

  1. Newborn photography is 100% different than any other type of session you will do because the main thing you are photographing (the newborn) only has a tentative arrival date. You have to be pretty flexible when it comes to scheduling in order to capture the precious babe in its first few days at home. I was so grateful that Melissa was so laid back with when I came. You see...silly me...when I told Melissa that I would take the pictures, I had no idea that I would be all the way in Savannah when the baby arrived...
  2. It is literally the coolest thing to do a lifestyle newborn session because you are being invited to share a few precious moments of probably the most monumental time in a couple's life. The parents are tired, happy, nervous, but totally and head-over-heels in love with their precious child. It is such an honor to be able to capture those emotions and memories in a still picture. 
  3. Warning: Once you do one newborn session, you will want all of your friends to have babies simply so you can take their pictures. (I'm not even kidding...)